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We're a small web design studio based in Ireland and we love to design and code. We build beautiful, easy-to-use interfaces for any kind of web enabled device.

Mobile First Responsive Web Design

We adopt future friendly design principles and take a mobile first approach to responsive web design. This allows us to focus on your users' goals and your website's core content and functionality. We also use progressive enhancement in our web development processes and in doing so, we strive to deliver the best possible web experience to the widest possible audience.

We also devise, consult and advise on digital marketing strategies, social media and search engine optimisation, helping you to connect with your audience.

Bristlebird was founded by Adam Green, a designer and developer of all manner of digital things from web applications to interactive musical Datsuns. Lucie keeps the show on the road, doing everything from building websites, front end development to producing videos and business development.

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